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Christine mentors a group of select individuals interested in incorporating Transformational Cellular Healing into their healing practices.  

The program is a specialized process of self development and the timeline is unique to each individual. Generally, there is a three stage process including working directly with the transformational healing process, through releasing trauma, removing blocks, and lifting limitations. The second stage is focused on embracing and bringing online our talents, abilities and direct connection to how it’s developed within us. The third stage is the practice of putting the work into practice within your family and community. 


The initial commitment is a 9 session package, actively attending workshops with a minimum of 6 full day workshops attended. You will begin the three stage process, healing yourself, learn how to utilize the Transformational Cellular Healing, and learn how to bring it out to the world in your own way. 


Those that are interested in integrating this work into their own practices and communities will have the opportunity to be part of this mentorship program - contact Christine today to get started. 

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