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Welcome to Live Your Light our 3-month private coaching program. 

For those who are ready to live a more empowered life with transformational support and guidance.

Would you love some guidance in your life?

Are you looking to release energy that is no longer serving you?

That means you're ready to go further, faster and the Live Your Light Private Coaching Program was created with you in mind...

It is time to acknowledge and unlock your power and understand yourself as the light!


There are moments in life where you may need a light in the dark. And though the path may be rocky and littered with debris, there's a beacon there for you to see. I invite in the light.

- Lighthouse Christine


This 3 month empowered journey is for you if you're ready to:

  • Realize a healthier, lighter version of you

  • Gain regular support, clarity, and direction

  • Reconnect to your own wisdom and intuition

  • Experience the flow of vital life force energy

  • Activate a deep awakening and remembering of your true nature and essence

If you're ready to connect to the true nature of yourself and live your light, this program is for you!

"Christine is definitely a light in my life. I have been doing the transformational work for quite some time now and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and be mentored by this beautiful soul of wisdom. Through this work , I have released so many old patterns that no longer serve me and I find myself coming from a place of love, gratitude and just seeing the beautifulness in all people and things. I am truly grateful for meeting Christine and it has been an absolute honour and blessing to work with her and I will continue on my journey with her. I truly love this woman with all my heart."

- Christine Noelle F. 


Sign Up for Live Your Light Coaching 

What is included EACH month:

  • 2 Transformational Guidance Sessions, which include Cellular Healing and Channeled Guidance

  • 1 Personal Energetic Health Session

  • 1 Group Transformational Workshop (Online or In Person) *to be used within the calendar year

  • 1 Monthly Meditation Event or Guided Meditation Download

Flexible pricing options!

  • 3 monthly payments of $777.00 or full payment option $2288.00

Step forward to Live Your Light.


I have known Christine for many years! When we first met she came to my wellness studio and we ran some retreats together! After that, I started attending her transformational healing circles and retreats on a regular basis and they have been just that..transformational. They are a wonderful reset and clearing from all of the stress of life along with releasing deeper traumas that are stored in the body. Our life story shows up in the body and the circles help so much with healing what is not serving the body, mind and soul. And they also help me to remember what I am first and foremost.. a spiritual being having a human experience not the other way around. I always feel so connected to myself and others afterwards. Her circles were instrumental in my healing after my dad transitioned as well. They still are as I navigate the grief that arises. Attending circles regularly also helps me to not feel so isolated and alone, especially after losing my wellness studio during covid. They are an amazing healing tool that will always be a part of my wellness regime. The space she creates is warm, safe and accepting and I love being a part of the circle family because everyone is so loving and welcomes you with open arms. 

- Janelle Ford


Working with Christine transformed my life. I feel extremely blessed to have experienced Christine's gifts that helped me to heal physically, mentally, and grow spiritually. 

I am truly grateful to Christine for bringing her magical world into my life. 

- Lannie Reid


Sometimes the Light we are missing in our lives is our Own! Shine the light on your Path to lasting Transformation! 

You are Loved and Born to Shine! 

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