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Ger Lyons

Transformational Healing Workshop & Training

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Workshop Postponed - DATE TBD

Transformation Cellular Healing is a powerful energetic process of clearing, purifying, and regenerating cellular memory.

Through living mystic prayer, invocation, movement, music, and high, sacred, healing transmissions, a deep awakening is activated. A remembering and awareness occurs that reminds us of our true nature, our inner wisdom and intuitive knowing. That we are nature itself.

This potent process of cellular transmutation opens the energetic channels so that we may receive the highest transmissions of vital life force energies.

Dates for Edmonton Workshop/Training:

Day 1 | 7pm - 10pm | $75
Day 2 | 10am - 6pm | $175
Day 3 | 10am - 6pm | $175
Day 4 | 10am - 6pm | $175
Day 5 | 10am - 6pm | $175
Day  6 | 10am - 6pm | $175

Daily participation / 3 day / 6 day Registration Available
3 Day Workshop -$420 
6 day workshop - $750

Contact Christine for more information

Ger is a very powerful, gifted healer, a brilliant channel, and an amazing guide. He carries a vast wealth of experience from a life of passionate exploration of the profound healing gift he was born with.

His depth of knowledge and wisdom comes from the deep study and relentless research of many spiritual healing and traditional medicine practices around the world.

His path is one of Freedom, Truth, Illumination and Love. "We are all connected." Ger is a master at his craft. A unique, wise man who walks his talk. "I am only the messenger, the message is what's important."

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