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I'm Christine and I'm here to help you embrace your most powerful and authentic self. Through support, guidance and direction. I help you transform your life, to heal and live a deeper connection to your highest purpose.


Support | Guidance | Direction

I am a mom, partner, teacher, coach, and healer. My dedication to enhancing the lives of others, which encompasses guiding them to a state of health and well being, has led me to be a practitioner in holistic health therapy with a leading edge focus on spiritual and intuitive development.


I offer Transformational Cellular Healing and other Workshops where I incorporate Intuitive Guidance and Consulting, Mediumship, Meditation, and Energy Work. 


I am dedicated to enhancing your life and guiding you into a state of health and well-being!


Christine is a breath of fresh air in the spiritual world. I have spent many years learning from many teachers on different modalities of healing and spirituality. Christine is by far my favourite mentor and teacher. She is a very wise woman, not just because of the knowledge she has, but because of the experiences that she has walked through in life. Her down to earth, open and extremely loving energy allows the people around her to feel comfortable and supported. 
I am truly blessed to have met Christine and will continue to consider of the worlds most gifted healers and medium.  

Lacie Sousa

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